Friday, November 28, 2008

Using capitalism to make money off a socialist.

I have to admit that it hasn't even been a month and I find myself gagging from Obama overload. It has only been a few weeks since the greatest thing next to invention of the toilet won the election. Yes Obama mania makes me want to vomit and it is for this reason that I would like to dedicate this post to Thomas Crapper, inventor of the modern day toilet, for if it were not for Thomas where would we flush all the poo poo.

The Obama error has not even truly begun it's actual beginning yet and we have been inundated with images of him and her and them. walking, talking, breathing, and farting etc. Don't even get me started on all the other merchandise that is beginning to be produced. The sweat shops in China must be working overtime. I cant even begin to imagine how much money manufacturers of this crap will make but I am sure the revenue will reach into the millions.

So after much thought, I have decided to create a line of Obama collectible items and jump on the bandwagon, after all, If this crap sells I should make a fortune; according to the Obama camp that is somewhere in the range between $45,000 and $250,000 better known as Obamanomics.
  • The Official VP Joe Doll- Wind him up and he disappears.
  • The Official Obama Piggy Bank-This is just like a normal piggy bank except when you put your money in the pig decides how much you get to keep and save.
  • The Official Michelle Obama Action Figure-You wind it ups and all she does is bitch and complain but then becomes proud of her country.
  • The Official Toilet Paper - I call it Obamamin, it's a really big roll of toilet paper designed to handle more bullshit than America has ever seen.
  • Obamaos is The Official Board Game - It's a game similar to dominoes but it doesn't make any sense and only 52% of people who play it will pretend understand it.
  • The Official Liberal Media Bias Doll - This doll wets its pants with excitement anytime you show it a picture of or mention Barack Obama's name.
I will offer an unconditional non-money back guarantee. If for any reason you unhappy with or find any of these products to be full of defects, please do not call and complain, we will just call you a stupid and uneducated raciest.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Obama Wants a National Security Force!

I am surprised that more people are not talking about a possible national security force that Obama wants to create. How do you feel about that? Obama stated: "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," Obama said in July. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Ironically congressman Barney Frank (D) from Massachusetts wants to cut our military by 25%. I am having trouble wrapping my arms around this one. A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday stated that he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama ditches Jesus after election

It seems that Father Bob over at St. Marys will have to wait to preach to Obama during his Sunday morning sermon. Apparently going to church would confuse the faithful into believing that the rapture is at hand.

It seems that Obama is choosing to go to the gym rather than going to church.I’m sure Father Bob would understands that his Sunday morning church service conflicts with other pressing issues on Obama’s plate, like checking out all the hot bitches in spandex doing aerobics at the local gym. Can you blame him?; his wife resembles a tuning fork in both pitch and shape. (But what the hell do I know how the newly elected leader of the free world thinks.)

Now despite what you might think, I am not just some right wing neocon cracker spewing inflammatory rhetoric.I will leave that to some of Obama's religious mentors, such as Jessie, Al, Jeremia and of course Flager (that really white looking priest who loved to get his "black on"). What I am concerned about is that Obama may not be able to tell the difference between a place of worship, and a place he finds convenient to pimp votes from guilt-ridden white voters at Sunday morning service during the election. is reporting that President-elect Barack Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this month; a departure from the example of his two immediate predecessors. On the three Sundays since his election, Obama has instead used his free time to get in workouts at a Chicago gym. Asked about the president-elect's decision to not attend church, a transition aide noted that the Obamas valued their faith experience in Chicago but were concerned about the impact their large retinue may have on other parishioners. The aid went on to further say, "Because they have a great deal of respect for places of worship, they do not want to draw unwelcome or inappropriate attention to a church not used to the attention their attendance would draw."

I guess I am a bit confused; I know being the President Elect has a lot of other responsibilities to tend with like making sure the official sign maker of "The Office of The President Elect" creates signs making sure everybody knows that Obama is The President Elect and coordinating with the official flag putter-upper guy. One would think that with the money The Obamas saved on the purchase of their really big home in Chicago they would have enough money to purchase some used gym equipment from Craig's list.

I guess it's not just Republicans that suffer from Demo-phobia; The Obamas suffer from that as well. (Demo-phobia for those of you that don't know' is the fear of crowds.) Now I just need to figure out what the hell retinue means. I am going to give the Obamas a break for now about going to church. I am sure when Obamas calender frees up a bit mid way through 2011 (right about when campaign season starts again), or when he decides to get his freak on with one of those hot white woman with the tight boom boom from Sunday morning aerobic class, Father Bob will see the Obama's in the front pew, just like we saw with Bill Clinton or Kwame Kilpatrick.

Maybe Obama chooses not to go to church because he doesn't want to mix up his beliefs with what real Christians believe in but that's another story for another blog!

Obama picks Volker to lead economic recovery

From President-elect Barack Obama today named former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to lead a new economic recovery board. Obama called Volcker "one of the world's foremost economic policy experts."From Paul Volcker, a Democrat, was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in August 1979 by President Jimmy Carter and reappointed in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan.

Volcker's Fed is widely credited with ending the United States' stagflation crisis of the 1970s by limiting the growth of the money supply, abandoning the previous policy of targeting interest rates. Inflation, which peaked at 13.5% in 1981, was successfully lowered to 3.2% by 1983.However, the change in policy contributed to the significant recession the U.S. economy experienced in the early 1980s, which included the highest unemployment levels since the Great Depression, and Volcker's Fed also elicited the strongest political attacks and most wide-spread protests in the history of the Federal Reserve (unlike any protests experienced since 1922), due to the effects of the high interest rates on the construction and farming sectors, culminating in indebted farmers driving their tractors onto C Street NW and blockading the Eccles Building.Is this really a good choice?

6 degreees of Obama

Obama is putting key Clinton appointments into his cabinet to lets just say keep his enemies close to him. However when Lincoln did this he struggled to control the decent and power struggles in his cabinet essentially leading to turmoil, to the point of almost becoming poisonous. I think in the words of Rev Wright the chickens may actually be coming home to roost. Lincoln was able two do three things in his admin, He won the war, he saved the union and he ended slavery. In Obama case he his going to surrender the war, completely divide the union, and attempt to enslave America with his national security force and socialistic views.

Obama is bringing aboard stiff oppositions members, like the Clintons back to Washington and in essence rewarding his enemies.Do you really believe that Hilliary has Obama's back. Obama is going to have to watch his back or end up as number 44 on the list of people who mysteriously committed suicide with 133 gun shots in the head. Look what happened to Kennedy by appointing Lyndon Johnson aboard. That guy gave Kennedy a headache.Abe Lincoln can be considered a political genius in many regards given what we know about the man and his politics; however I find it humorous that some in the media are comparing The Man, The Myth, a Legend before his time; Obama to such presidents as Lincoln or FDR.

There are a few key differences between Obama and Lincoln. Lincoln had been involved with politics on both a state and national level unlike Obama. Lincoln was elected as a captain in The Illinois Militia, unlike Obama who may be responsible for many Americans running out and joining militias to fight to protect their constitutional rights. Lincoln served as a leader in the Illinois Whig party while opposing the Mexican War. Obama was a junior senator in the Illinois State Senate who voted present 146 times and like Lincoln opposed the Iraq war. I thought it might be appropriate to look at and compare The One with some other historical figures as well.

Some say history has a way of repeating itself if that indeed is true maybe The Big O should have taken a lesson or two from the history books.Julius Caesar was killed because the other dictators were jealous that Julius Caesar had more power then they, he was more popular, and Julius Caesar wanted to be king instead of having to sharing the power. Could appointing a person such as Hilliary Clinton; who in her own mind has to believe that she is better suited for the role of President than Obama is to the position of Secretary of State a smart move. I believe that Obama did this for purely political reasons; to keep on eye on one of his chief rivals, but could Hilliary be to Obama what Brutus was to Julius Caesar.

It is safe to say given the fact many people close to the Clintons have met with very suspicious deaths as I have stated before.We could even compare Obama to Albert Speer. Hitlers Chief Architect.The main comparison has to do with each man's ability to be comfortable with the systematic, mass slaughter of millions of human beings. Albert Speer turned a blind eye to the mass extermination of the European Jewish population, while Obama seems comfortable today with our government allowing mass killings of millions of unborn babies every year. In fact he consistently voted against even allowing babies who survived abortion attempts a chance at life. He chose instead to allow these newborns to be disposed of after forced strangulation, mutilation, or abandonment. Speer, along with the other Nazis, advanced to a position of power due mainly to fallout from The Great Depression. Today's rough economic times seem to be propelling.

Obama, along with many Democrats responsible for our current mess, into power.Like Lyndon Bains Johnson, Obama benefited greatly from support from Hollywood, Academia, and of course the liberal mainstream media. Johnson became president 100 minutes after Kennedy was assassinated. Although Johnson and Kennedy were political rivals, Kennedy choose Johnson to be the Vice President nominee; I think mainly in an effort much like Obama, to keep your enemies close to the political vest. Thanks to some of Johnson's socialistic views and policies race pimps like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farhakan, Al Shapton now have a soap box to preach from and fill me with white guiltAbraham Lincoln said " I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.

The point is to bring them the real facts." However I would like to point out that when people like me and others tried to present the facts and the truth about The Great One we were called raciest and haters. That's my 2 cents and hopefully Obama will let me keep it.

Janet Napalanto in charge of Homeland Security, are you kidding me.

There is not much in regards to where Janet Napalaton stands on the issues of Homeland Security however I found this: Napalanto voted against Proposition 200 in Arizona. Which would have required individuals to produce proof of citizenship before they may register to vote or apply for public benefits in Arizona. The proposition also makes it a misdemeanor for public officials to fail to report persons unable to produce documentation of citizenship who apply for these benefits and allow citizens who believe that public officials have given illegal aliens benefits to sue for remedies. She referred to this as anti immigration! I thought The Secretary of Homeland Security was to protect our boarders

Why do Liberals love to sympathise with terrorists who commit crimes againt America?

Watch Eric Holder's Testimony in regards to FALN Terrorists Clemency During The Clinton Years. Should we just look the other way

How does this outrageous and tragic story reflect on Barack Obama’s judgment?

Holder played a central role in freeing these terrorists. As the deputy attorney general, he was responsible for signing off on all clemency matters forwarded to the President, and in this case he recommended that clemency be granted -- despite vehement opposition from the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons, and his own Justice Department.

Yet, according to Edward Lewine of the New York Daily News, despite this opposition, “Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, the Justice Department official most involved with this issue, reportedly supported clemency.” Indeed, rather than consult with attack victims and their families, Mr. Holder instead met privately with members of Congress and recommended what the FALN members should do to facilitate a grant of presidential clemency.

Are Obama voters really this stupid?

If a picture is worth 1000 words what is a video worth? Watch and plann on being amazed!

I think gay people are on to something!

On November 4th 2008, a record 66 million Americans exercised their right to vote and sent a clear message to Washington and to the world. I think it was called a mandate if I’m not mistaken. Wait, Wait, Wait, I need to change that first statement a bit to read: On November 4th 2008, a record 66 million votes were cast. I have to keep reminding myself that some might find the word “Americans” offensive, and God knows I don’t want to offend; Oops! I did it again; I just used the word “God”! Well hopefully no one will notice. It seems that some people are not happy with the outcome of the vote; they are protesting in the streets, using intimidation tactics, causing civil disobedience and unrest, rallying the troops, filing lawsuits and beating up old ladies. Yes it seems that gay people are none to happy with the results of Prop 8 which outlawed gay marriage in California.

Trust me when I say 58 million other people know exactly how you feel! Let me be the first to say you have every right to be upset with how the ignorant stupid wacadoodles of California voted. I was feeling the same way on election night when John McCain lost to “That One,” but trust me when I say Jack Daniels and Prozac do wonders.
Californians voted and sent a clear message banning gay marriage by a 52 to 48 percent margin. Ironically that is the exact same percentage which gave Obama the White House.
Now the California Supreme court is considering possibly overturning the vote that made gay marriage once again illegal in the state of California. An appellate lawyer on a panel in favor of gay marriage observed the court's obligation "to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority." Well that sounds good to me!
Can we then apply that same logic to the results of the 2008 presidential election? I believe that I could probably find 58 million other people that might agree with me. Now I know we are in the minority and no matter how hard we would try we could never get Obama’s presidency overturned no matter how hard we prayed.
Cornell University Law School states: In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word “marriage” means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word “spouse” refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife. Now there seems to be a caveat to that law; Massachusetts, however that’s a story for a different time and place.
Maybe we can come to some type of compromise, we will let you keep “The One” and you let heterosexual couples own the word marriage. If The California Supreme court decides to overturn the will of the people then there might just be hope for 58% of Americans that didn’t buy what Obama was selling.
Sometimes Life isn’t fair. I wish everybody in this country was treated equally and had the exact same rights; however sadly that is not the case. I would love to have access to free health care, a free college education for my entire family, not have to pay taxes, and be paid monthly for my daily living expenses without having to work for my keep; but then again I am a not an illegal alien.

Link: Andrew Breitbart on Prop 8 Blacklist

Obama wants to know if you have a questionable past

The Obama transition team is sending a seven-page, 63-item questionnaire to every candidate for Cabinet and other high-ranking positions in the incoming administration. I found question 61 particularly interesting.
Question 61 seems to have been prompted by the controversy over former 1960s radical William Ayres in Obama's campaign: "Have you had any association with any person, group or business venture that could be used -- even unfairly -- to impugn or attack your character or qualifications for government service?"

So let me get this correct, Obama who is set to take office in January wants to make sure anybody in his administration does not have any questionable associations from the past; however he wanted us to just ignore his. Oh OK! As the old saying goes do as I say not as I did.
Furthermore should the media have done more to investigate Obama's past and way of thinking

Obama Jam

A vote for Al Franken is no laughing matter!

Hello boys and Girls today we are going to learn the word Filibuster. Wikipedia states that, A filibuster, or "talking out a bill", is a form of obstruction in a legislature or other decision-making body. An attempt is made to infinitely extend debate upon a proposal in order to delay the progress or completely prevent a vote on the proposal taking place. So why is this important you ask. Fewer than 500 hundred votes separate the clown on the left known as Al Franken and Norm Coleman on the right for the Senate seat in Minnesota

So what does this have to do with Obama, you ask? If Franken were to win in a recount and the democrats were to achieve 60 seats. Obama and the democrats would have total control of the house and senate and we would be left with what I like to refer to as a 1 party monarchy. The fact that Al Franken is even being taken serious, amazes me, Tell us what you think.

Obama Scrubs web site

Over the weekend Obama scrubbed, his transition Web site, deleting most of what had been a massive agenda copied directly from his campaign Web site. Gone are the promises on how an Obama administration would handle 25 different agenda items - everything from Iraq and immigration to taxes and urban policy - all items laid out on his campaign Web site,

Instead, the official agenda on has been boiled down to one vague paragraph proclaiming a plan “to revive the economy, to fix our health care, education, and social security systems, to define a clear path to energy independence, to end the war in Iraq responsibly and finish our mission in Afghanistan, and to work with our allies to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, among many other domestic and foreign policy objectives.”

“We are currently retooling the Web site,” said Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro.
The site went active on Wednesday and was available to the public Thursday. The agenda items, which were active for at least part of the weekend, appear to have been deleted by late Saturday.

My Thoughts

This has been an historic week for our country. America elected it's 44th president Barack Obama. 53% of the vote went to Obama and McCain received 46% according to It became very obvious to me as I listened to Obama give his acceptance speech; that he would not be able to fill all the promises made on the campaign trial, and how could he. The toughest road Obama has to travel now is the one that he has paved during the presidential campaign . He has some pretty big shoes to fill, his own! When Obama takes office he will not have the luxury of having a republican house or senate to blame for not getting his agenda passed.

Obama will be working with a house and senate that have been controlled for the last 2 years by the democrats. I believe that Obama now faces a dilemma. What group of Americans will he alienate or should I say disenfranchise. If he governs as his record may suggest he will not gain support from 46% of Americans. If he governs more from the center he runs the risk alienating part of his base. So will he do what is right for his party of for his country?

This country needs change, in fact it is craving it; but can Obama be the one to deliver it. Obama has proven that he can give a great speech but his leadership abilities have yet to be seen. We will now have the chance to finally get to know Barack Obama in the future days weeks and years. Will Obama live up to the hype or will he be just another politician that gave us a line of b.s.? I'm interested to hear what you think.

The Obama Biden Plan

Obama has been releasing his plan for America. The following comes directly for his new website. I'm interested to hear what you think.We will be keeping you up to date on everything Obama in the days and weeks ahead.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden's Plan:

Strengthen Civil Rights Enforcement
Obama and Biden will reverse the politicization that has occurred in the Bush Administration's Department of Justice. They will put an end to the ideological litmus tests used to fill positions within the Civil Rights Division.

Combat Employment Discrimination
Obama and Biden will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination. They will also pass the Fair Pay Act to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Expand Hate Crimes Statutes
Obama and Biden will strengthen federal hate crimes legislation, expand hate crimes protection by passing the Matthew Shepard Act, and reinvigorate enforcement at the Department of Justice's Criminal Section.

End Deceptive Voting Practices
Obama will sign into law his legislation that establishes harsh penalties for those who have engaged in voter fraud and provides voters who have been misinformed with accurate and full information so they can vote.

End Racial Profiling
Obama and Biden will ban racial profiling by federal law enforcement agencies and provide federal incentives to state and local police departments to prohibit the practice.

Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Support
Obama and Biden will provide job training, substance abuse and mental health counseling to ex-offenders, so that they are successfully re-integrated into society. Obama and Biden will also create a prison-to-work incentive program to improve ex-offender employment and job retention rates.

Eliminate Sentencing Disparities
Obama and Biden believe the disparity between sentencing crack and powder-based cocaine is wrong and should be completely eliminated.

Expand Use of Drug Courts
Obama and Biden will give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance to serve their sentence, where appropriate, in the type of drug rehabilitation programs that have proven to work better than a prison term in changing bad behavior.

Is another attack on it's way?

White House press secretary Dana Perino warned Thursday that the administration is “very concerned” about the threat of a terror attack during the transition or the early weeks of the Obama administration. “That is something that we're very concerned about,” Perino said. “We've seen that in other countries — Spain, obviously, had that terrible bombing.” Perino said that “we know that Al Qaeda and others try to test a new administration,” echoing Vice President-elect Joe Biden, who caught flack for a similar statement on the campaign trail.

Republicans got their asses kicked!

November 5th, 2008

Democrats took at least 22 seats from Republicans in Tuesday's election, with the GOP taking four seats from the Democrats, according to CNN projections. With winners yet to be called for eight of the House's 435 seats, Democrats were projected to win 254 seats, with Republicans having 173."I don't know what the final number will be," Pelosi said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference on Capitol Hill. "But it will be well over 250. It's a signal of the change that the American people want."