Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thoughts

This has been an historic week for our country. America elected it's 44th president Barack Obama. 53% of the vote went to Obama and McCain received 46% according to It became very obvious to me as I listened to Obama give his acceptance speech; that he would not be able to fill all the promises made on the campaign trial, and how could he. The toughest road Obama has to travel now is the one that he has paved during the presidential campaign . He has some pretty big shoes to fill, his own! When Obama takes office he will not have the luxury of having a republican house or senate to blame for not getting his agenda passed.

Obama will be working with a house and senate that have been controlled for the last 2 years by the democrats. I believe that Obama now faces a dilemma. What group of Americans will he alienate or should I say disenfranchise. If he governs as his record may suggest he will not gain support from 46% of Americans. If he governs more from the center he runs the risk alienating part of his base. So will he do what is right for his party of for his country?

This country needs change, in fact it is craving it; but can Obama be the one to deliver it. Obama has proven that he can give a great speech but his leadership abilities have yet to be seen. We will now have the chance to finally get to know Barack Obama in the future days weeks and years. Will Obama live up to the hype or will he be just another politician that gave us a line of b.s.? I'm interested to hear what you think.

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