Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6 degreees of Obama

Obama is putting key Clinton appointments into his cabinet to lets just say keep his enemies close to him. However when Lincoln did this he struggled to control the decent and power struggles in his cabinet essentially leading to turmoil, to the point of almost becoming poisonous. I think in the words of Rev Wright the chickens may actually be coming home to roost. Lincoln was able two do three things in his admin, He won the war, he saved the union and he ended slavery. In Obama case he his going to surrender the war, completely divide the union, and attempt to enslave America with his national security force and socialistic views.

Obama is bringing aboard stiff oppositions members, like the Clintons back to Washington and in essence rewarding his enemies.Do you really believe that Hilliary has Obama's back. Obama is going to have to watch his back or end up as number 44 on the list of people who mysteriously committed suicide with 133 gun shots in the head. Look what happened to Kennedy by appointing Lyndon Johnson aboard. That guy gave Kennedy a headache.Abe Lincoln can be considered a political genius in many regards given what we know about the man and his politics; however I find it humorous that some in the media are comparing The Man, The Myth, a Legend before his time; Obama to such presidents as Lincoln or FDR.

There are a few key differences between Obama and Lincoln. Lincoln had been involved with politics on both a state and national level unlike Obama. Lincoln was elected as a captain in The Illinois Militia, unlike Obama who may be responsible for many Americans running out and joining militias to fight to protect their constitutional rights. Lincoln served as a leader in the Illinois Whig party while opposing the Mexican War. Obama was a junior senator in the Illinois State Senate who voted present 146 times and like Lincoln opposed the Iraq war. I thought it might be appropriate to look at and compare The One with some other historical figures as well.

Some say history has a way of repeating itself if that indeed is true maybe The Big O should have taken a lesson or two from the history books.Julius Caesar was killed because the other dictators were jealous that Julius Caesar had more power then they, he was more popular, and Julius Caesar wanted to be king instead of having to sharing the power. Could appointing a person such as Hilliary Clinton; who in her own mind has to believe that she is better suited for the role of President than Obama is to the position of Secretary of State a smart move. I believe that Obama did this for purely political reasons; to keep on eye on one of his chief rivals, but could Hilliary be to Obama what Brutus was to Julius Caesar.

It is safe to say given the fact many people close to the Clintons have met with very suspicious deaths as I have stated before.We could even compare Obama to Albert Speer. Hitlers Chief Architect.The main comparison has to do with each man's ability to be comfortable with the systematic, mass slaughter of millions of human beings. Albert Speer turned a blind eye to the mass extermination of the European Jewish population, while Obama seems comfortable today with our government allowing mass killings of millions of unborn babies every year. In fact he consistently voted against even allowing babies who survived abortion attempts a chance at life. He chose instead to allow these newborns to be disposed of after forced strangulation, mutilation, or abandonment. Speer, along with the other Nazis, advanced to a position of power due mainly to fallout from The Great Depression. Today's rough economic times seem to be propelling.

Obama, along with many Democrats responsible for our current mess, into power.Like Lyndon Bains Johnson, Obama benefited greatly from support from Hollywood, Academia, and of course the liberal mainstream media. Johnson became president 100 minutes after Kennedy was assassinated. Although Johnson and Kennedy were political rivals, Kennedy choose Johnson to be the Vice President nominee; I think mainly in an effort much like Obama, to keep your enemies close to the political vest. Thanks to some of Johnson's socialistic views and policies race pimps like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farhakan, Al Shapton now have a soap box to preach from and fill me with white guiltAbraham Lincoln said " I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.

The point is to bring them the real facts." However I would like to point out that when people like me and others tried to present the facts and the truth about The Great One we were called raciest and haters. That's my 2 cents and hopefully Obama will let me keep it.

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