Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tickle me Panetta

It seems that experience doesn’t quit matter when it comes to key appointments in the Obama administration. I mean if a community organizer can be president why can’t a guy who attended a study group on the Iraq war be the next CIA Director?

It seems Obama wanted to appease the tree hugging left with a kinder gentler CIA.

According to the AP Obama is sending an unequivocal message that controversial administration policies approving harsh interrogations, water boarding and extraordinary renditions the secret transfer of prisoners to other governments with a history of torture — and warrantless wiretapping are over, said several officials.

Give me a break. What are we going to do moving forward tickle information out of captured terrorists? “Come on Ackmod we know you have information tickle, tickle, tickle. If that doesn’t prove to be effective we could move to more effective means, such as the titty twister,bad wedgies or even timeouts. I must say I have a 4 year old and the time out does seem to be very effective in method of punishment when it comes to disobedience.

Panetta has no direct intelligence experience beyond serving in the Army for 2 years in the 1960’s as a lieutenant over 49 years ago. Then again Panetta’s time served in the reserves is almost 6 months more than Obama spent as an Illinois state Senator. I don’t know about you but I feel safe.

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Wake Up Conservatives said...

LOL! Tickle me Panetta!

So true, Marc! Scary times ahead my friend, scary times! Maybe we could tell the terrorist we wont like them anymore or they wont be our friend. Yep, that'll work!