Thursday, December 4, 2008

Will Napolitano really keep us safe?

Janet Napolitano has failed to secure Arizona borders from illegal aliens; so how the hell is she going to protect the nation as Homeland Security Director? Napolitano; in my opinion has been weak on enforcing Arizona's borders. It has been reported that as many 3,000 illegals do the Mexican Hat dance across the borders on a daily basis; but what the hell they vote!

Lets look at her voting record she:

Vetoed denying in-state tuition and day care for illegal aliens.

Vetoed a bill making English the official state language of the state of Arizona.

Vetoed a bill that would have officially rejected the Matricula Consular from Mexico as a valid form of identification.

Vetoed a bill making being an illegal alien in Arizona a felony offense.

The National ledger stated that:

She has vetoed other immigration bills from the GOP-majority Legislature within the past year, including a proposal to give police the power to enforce federal immigration laws. She's also provided services for illegal aliens and is a proponent of driver’s licenses for illegals.
In a letter to lawmakers, Napolitano said she opposes automatically turning all immigrants who sneaked into the state into criminals and that the bill provided no funding for the new duties. But critics say she was being disingenuous with her statements. One police commander claims she failed to mention that entering the US illegally is already a crime, albeit a misdemeanor. In addition, reentry into the US once an alien is deported is already a felony in the US.

While immigrants provide the economy with cheap labor, Arizona spends tens of millions of dollars each year in health care and education costs for illegal workers and their families. An estimated 500,000 of the state's population of about 6 million are illegal immigrants. Read the rest of the story here.

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